Load Management

Load management is a peak load control device, not an energy saving device. It is not used every day, but only during periods of peak demand, usually on hot summer afternoons between 1 and

6 p.m. and on cold winter mornings from 7 and 9 a.m.

Water heaters are cycled off, but are designed to keep water hot for several hours after the power is turned off.

Compressors on heat pumps in cooling mode and central air conditioners are cycled off for 7½ minutes each half hour of the peak demand. When the light or lights on the load management box are on, it means that power has been interrupted for those 7½ minutes. The indoor fan is not cycled allowing cooled air to be circulated.

Heat pumps in heating mode have their auxiliary heat strips cycled off. The compressor is not cycled and will continue to heat.

For each month of the year there is a $5.00/month rebate for a water heater and a $5.00/month/unit rebate for heat pumps paid June through September because these months are typically months of peak operation.

Heat strips earn a $5.00/home/month rebate for December and March and a $10/home/month rebate for January and February. All credits are annual ones allowing load management to be done any month of the year as needed.

                                       Load Management Ordinance

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