Electric Utility Control


The Utility Control Division is our communication center and can assist any department with an emergency. We man the telephones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Electric service customer problems are handled through this area.

Crews are dispatched from this location to restore electric power. The division performs load management operations and monitors the City water and sewer system and also dispatches crews for water and sewer problems after hours and on weekends.

Control assists with the duties of other departments, such as the Water and Collections areas, after 5 p.m. and on weekends and holidays. Power can be restored for non-payment during these off times when the customer meets specified criteria.



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Call 636-4070 for :
~ Street and area light outages
~ Power outages
~ Downed power lines
~ Load management problems

~ Water and Collections procedures after 5 p.m. and/or 24 hours a day during holidays and weekends

or email:

control@newbern-nc.org and include:

  1.  Your name and address or a brief description of location if address is unknown

  2.  And your phone number with a short summary of the problem




City of New Bern
PO Box 1129
New Bern, NC 28563-1129
Electric Dept. Main # (252) 636-4070
Citywide Phone Directory