Wastewater Treatment Plant

This division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant.

The City of New Bern’s Wastewater Treatment Plant was originally constructed in 1964. It was a single train trickling filter plant, capable of treating a flow of 4.0 MGD. In 1991 a second treatment train was added. The expanded plant was permitted to treat 4.7 MGD. In 2003 the Wastewater Treatment Plant was expanded to provide treatment of 6.5 MGD and to meet new mandated permit limits for nitrogen. The Glenburnie influent pump station was upgraded for increased flow. A new preliminary treatment unit was installed with greater flow and improved fine screening. A Five-stage Bardenpho Process replaced the trickling filter process. This process provides biological removal of both phosphorus and nitrogen. Two new secondary clarifiers were constructed with new tertiary filters for final polishing of the effluent water. The chlorine contact chambers have been upgraded, followed by a new reaeration basin. The effluent enters the Neuse River by a diffuser located approximately 600 feet from the shoreline. The old digesters used to stabilize solids were converted to aeration sludge holding tanks. A belt filter press and a lime thermal stabilization process were added to handle sludge. The sludge drying beds were converted to a sludge holding facility. The year 2004 marked the first entire year that the new plant was in operation.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant treated approximately 1.459 billion gallons of wastewater in 2004. The plant was compliant for all permit requirements for the twelve months, except February. In February, the plant experienced a solids wash over, due to heavy rainfall, resulting in high oxygen demands and total suspended solids averages. The annual removal rate was 99.2% for oxygen demanding pollutants and 97.9% for total suspended solids. For the months excluding February, the removal for conventional pollutants of oxygen demanding material was 100% and suspended solids removal was greater than 99.8%.

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