Beer & Wine Applications

Any business that will be selling beer and/or wine within the City limits is required to obtain a Beer & Wine License.  This license is provided through the Customer Service Office at 606 Fort Totten Drive, New Bern, NC 28560. An application* for the license must be completed and submitted to this office in accordance with the Beverage Control Act of 1937.  Applications are accepted in person or may be mailed, but must be accompanied by the appropriate fee before a license will be issued.  All licenses are renewable each July.  A state license for the sale of beer and wine must be obtained before presenting an application to the City.

The sale of hard liquors within the City limits is strictly limited to restaurants and privately owned clubs.  Licenses for hard liquor sales are obtained through the ABC Board.

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Fee Schedule

Beer: On and off premises $15.00
  Off premises $5.00
Wine: On and off premises $15.00
  Off premises $10.00


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