Suppression Command Staff

                                           DEPUTY CHIEF OF OPERATIONS
Robert M. Boyd, Jr.

Deputy Chief Robert Boyd joined New Bern Fire-Rescue in 1986 as a volunteer firefighter. Following in his father’s footsteps, he joined the career forces in 1991.  Promoted to Lieutenant in 1994 and Commander in 2001, he later achieved the rank of Deputy Chief of Operations in 2003. Deputy Chief Boyd’s accomplish-ments and certifications include: BS degree in Organizational Management, Executive Fire Officer (NFA). Chief Fire Officer Designation, Fire Officer I, North Carolina Fire Instructor, Fire Fighter II, Driver Operator, Aerial Operator, NIMS, Emergency Medical Technician, Child Safety Seat Technician, and Level I Fire Inspector.

Responsibilities:  Reports directly to the Fire Chief and acts on his behalf in his absence. Senior Operational Officer and member of Executive Management Team. Serves as liaison between fire personnel and the chief. Directs and enforces New Bern Fire-Rescue’s policies and procedures.  Prepares budget requests and recommends division purchases. Makes periodic evaluations of operational tactics used to improve overall efficiency of the division, and ensures compliance with city policies and state and federal regulations.

Manages 61 fire personnel, and directly supervises three command staff, and one training coordinator.  Responds to emergencies as needed and assumes command when appropriate, using established Incident Command procedures. Oversees Training Division to ensure compliance with all standards of accountability, policies, rules, regulations, personnel practices, training, and operational procedures. Evaluates and facilitates positive relationships between division personnel and other agencies.

Assists with the general planning and administration of fire services. Prepares and maintains appropriate records in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) and the Department of Insurance (DOI). Develops and recommends training enhancements and equipment procedures. Ensures that the facilities, equipment, and apparatus are maintained in accordance with NFPA standards. Provides fire suppression personnel with the necessary resources needed to meet the changing logistical and technological demands of fire service.

Assists Human Resources in all aspects of personnel recruitment: research and development of personnel requirements and job descriptions, policy changes, advertising, agility testing; and promotional process. Handles grievance issues and procedures, and recommends disciplinary actions as required.


T. W. Gaskins

Commander Gaskins joined the department as a career Fire Specialist in 1986. He earned his promotion to Lieutenant in 1990, and Commander in 1993. He holds an A.A.S. in Fire Protection Technology from Coastal Carolina Community College. As a Commander he responds to all emergencies establishing command; ensuring safety and accountability. Commander Gaskins manages Battalion activities during his assigned 24-hour tour.

Commander Gaskins attends classes throughout the local, state, and national level as well as instructing NFA Incident Command and NIMS.  He is also avid in the Instruction of Strategy and Tactics. He holds many certifications including Fire Officer I, Fire Inspector I, Rescue Technician, and EMT-B.

During his tenure he has overseen and/or participated in many special projects such as: Honor Guard, Technical Rescue Team, E-911 establishment, ISO grading preparation and liaison, Command Center liaison during climatic emergencies, Reservist Program, and MDA fund raiser.  In addition, Commander Gaskins regularly assists at Assessment Centers throughout the state.

Commander Gaskins was awarded Fire Department Employee of the Year in 1997, New Bern Noon Rotary Firefighter of The Year in 2003, and New Bern Civitan Club Fireman of The Year in 2003.

Commander Gaskins also served his community as a member of The Little Swift Creek Fire Department for over thirty (30) years, where he held every line officer position, including serving as Chief, 1991-1997.

Eric T. Mullis

Commander Mullis served in the United States Marine Corps. from 1983 to 1987, and has been a firefighter with the City of New Bern Fire-Rescue since 1987. His certifications include: Firefighter I & II; Driver Operator; and Aerial Operator. He is currently a Certified State of North Carolina Instructor for: Aerial Operator; Driver Operator; and Firefighter Line of Duty Death.


J. Arthur Broome

Commander Broome joined New Bern Fire-Rescue in 1985 as a volunteer firefighter. He then joined the career forces in 1987 as a Fire Specialist. He earned his promotion to Lieutenant in 1992, and Commander in 2003. As a Commander his responsibilities are to respond to and manage all emergencies, ensuring safety and accountability. Commander Broome manages Battalion activities during his assigned 24-hour tour.

Commander Broome attends classes throughout the state, and national level as well as instructing Firefighter Survival, and Rapid Intervention. He holds many certifications including North Carolina Fire Service Instructor Level II, North Carolina Fire Inspector Level I, Driver Operator Aerial & Pumps, Child Seat Technician, Medical Responder, and Anhydrous Ammonia Technician Level I.

Commander Broome was awarded Fire Department Employee of the Year in 2003. He is a member of numerous organizations, including Berne Lodge 724, York Rite Masonic Bodies of North Carolina, and Sudan Shriners.

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