Forensics & Evidence Unit

Forensics Unit

The Forensics Unit is responsible for collecting and processing all evidence for the New Bern Police Department.  This unit is staffed with one Forensic Supervisor and one Detective.  The Unit is required to maintain expertise in all the latest scientific methods of latent print development, trace evidence, blood splatter interpretation, alternative light source evidence collection and documentation of crime scenes.  The Forensics Unit, on call 24 hours a day, has numerous sections that include, but are not limited to:

  • Evidence Processing
  • Photograph Development/Dark Room
  • Latent Print Identification/AFIX Computer

Forensics Unit Contact Information:

Sgt. Maria Bowen -  Forensics Sergeant (252) 672-4147

Det. Christina Wilcutt -  Forensics Detective (252) 672-4273

Det. Salvatore Zanghi - Forensics Detective (252) 672-4242

PST Lois List - Police Service Technician (252) 672-4113

PST Greg Smith - Police Service Technician (252) 672-4154



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