Professional Standards

Professional Standards plays a critical role in providing the New Bern Police Department with a highly trained and skilled workforce.  The office is responsible for recruiting and selecting personnel, coordinating training and staff development, as well as conducting internal staff inspections.  Professional Standards also oversees the accreditation process, allowing the department to meet national guidelines set by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).  CALEA’s accreditation program is designed to improve the delivery of law enforcement services, and the NBPD adheres to more than 400 CALEA standard policies.

The Recruitment Unit is tasked with seeking qualified, honest and dependable applicants to fill vacancies in the department. Recruitment officers work tirelessly to maintain staffing levels.  Representatives regularly attend job fairs at military and educational institutions to encourage and attract highly-educated and dedicated workers to join the New Bern Police Department.  The unit schedules interviews and conducts thorough background checks for all new employees.  The Recruitment Unit has worked diligently in the last year, increasing the number of civilian employees to 48, with a few additonal expected to join the department soon.  The unit is now focused on meeting a goal of 93 sworn police officers working the streets of New Bern.  There are currently 87 officers working for the department.

Officers and civilian employees of the police department receive outstanding and vital training courses through Professional Standards.  The office oversaw and coordinated more than 15,000 hours of training in 2009.  These hours included web-based courses on how to respond to critical incidents and legal updates, to specialized firearms and OSHA training.  Professional Standards also works each year to develop new training classes, recently adding a Weapons Retention and Disarming course, to educate officers on how to protect themselves while working on the street.



Lt. Ronda Allen

Lt. Ronda Allen

Professional Standards Commander


Sgt. Paul Brown

Training Unit

Officer Katrina Longmire


Mary Trude

Accreditation Manager


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