Training Unit

Officers and civilian employees of the police department receive outstanding and vital training courses thorugh the Office of Professional Standards Training Unit.  The officer oversaw and coordinated almost 12,500 hours of training in 2007.  These hours included everything from web-based courses on how to respond to critical incidents and legal updates, to specialized firearms and OSHA training.

The Training Unit Coordinator is responsible for developing and assigning training, as well as maintaining lesson plans, critique forms and other training records.  The New Bern Police Department maintains a strong relationship with outside sources of educational and training expertise such as Community Colleges and the Justice Academy.  The Training Unit acts as a liason with these organizations, and oversees employees who undertake external degrees and independent study programs.

Sworn police officers and many other positions within in the department require many different certifications and training qualifications.  The Training Unit administers the Career Development plan for compliance with North Carolina Law Enforcement Training and Standards Commission.  The Office of Professional Standards also works each year to develop new training classes, recently adding a Weapons Retention and Disarming course, to educate officers on how to protect themselves while working on the street.

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Sgt. Brown

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