Our Recreation Centers

Stanley White Recreation Center/ Henderson Park is located in the heart of the Duffyfield community.  The Center and its staff seek to provide opportunities for all citizens to socialize, recreate, be active, and focus on physical fitness.  Dedicated to providing leisure activities which promote physical and healthy improvements along with social interaction, friendship, and community pride, the Center focuses on services that are benefits-based and encourage behavioral changes that lead to an active and engaging lifestyle. The facilities include a 15,000 square foot recreation center that houses an afterschool room, meeting room with kitchen facilities, fully equipped indoor fitness facility, shaded outdoor fitness area with resistance equipment, fully lighted, outdoor ½ mile walking trail, air-conditioned gym, ceramic room and offices.

Address: 901 Chapman Street

Phone: 252-639-2919
Fax: 252-636-0676
E-mail: swrecctr@newbern-nc.org

Office Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday


West New Bern Recreation Center is located in Seth West Parrott Park, 1225 Pine Tree Drive. Facilities include a 15,000 square foot recreation center that houses a game room, meeting room with kitchen facilities, air-conditioned gym, ceramic room, fitness equipment, and offices.  This is also the home of Kidsville Playground, a unique multi-level wooden playground with mazes, walkways, balance beams, trampoline bridges, a fire pole, slides, a train, a ship, and much more.  

Address:  1225 Pine Tree Drive

Phone: 252-639-2912
Fax: 252-636-0861
E-mail: wnbrecctr@newbern-nc.org

Office Hours: 8am-5pm Monday - Friday


The Community Resource Center, with its motto "No Generation Left Behind", is dedicated to building a strong sense of community pride in New Bern's inner-city.  The staff accomplishes this by mentoring youth, offering adult education opportunities, and providing a safe location for all ages.  Formerly operated as Weed and Seed, the Center became a Parks and Recreation facility in October of 2003. The facility houses a computer room, 3 multipurpose rooms, 2 police offices, and a small kitchen.

Address:  908 Bloomfield Street

Phone: (252)636-4127

Email: crc_rec_park_newbern@yahoo.com

Office Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm

Monday - Friday

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