Historic Preservation Commission
Certificate of Appropriateness Minor Works


Minor work items include changes to a property that are less permanent in nature, are a secondary feature in relation to the site and/or are judged not to have a significant impact on the property and are consistent with the New Bern Historic Preservation Commission’s established guidelines.

Minor work items require a Certificate of Appropriateness, which can be approved by the HPC Administrator. The following list of exterior work items are considered to be Minor Works:

  • Tree and shrubbery planting and/or removal;
  • Pointing masonry with lime mortar consistent with the existing mortar;
  • Installation of mechanical systems in secondary and tertiary areas of visual concern where such installations are well screened and do not result in significant alterations to the building;
  • Installation of parking areas in tertiary areas of visual concern that are not incongruous in design or materials, are well screened and do not exceed fifty percent rear yard coverage;
  • Installation of patios and sidewalks in secondary and tertiary areas;
  • Installation of wooden decks (or composite materials in the case of non-contributing structures) in tertiary areas of visual concern which are removable with minimal impact to structure and site;
  • Installation of benches, pergolas, arbors and other lawn ornamentation in the secondary and tertiary areas of visual concern that are not of incongruous materials or scale and do not obscure the architectural or character defining features of the structures or site; 
  • Change of roofing materials on flat or low slope roofs not visible from the street;
  • Replacement of standing seam metal roofs with asphalt shingles of a non-variegated, dark color;
  • Fence installation in secondary and tertiary areas with appropriate materials and height; 
  • Installation of skylights within tertiary areas of visual concern; 
  • Installation of storm windows (and doors) where divided mullions of storm windows/doors align with those of the window/doors behind, and storm windows/doors have a painted finish; 
  • Installation of gutters and downspouts that are not incongruous, when no internal gutters are present and when done so as to minimize obstruction of character defining structural features; 
  • Permanent and Temporary signs as permitted under the city's land use ordinance and historic guidelines, also “historic home” identification signs; 
  • Repainting of lettering on existing signs; 
  • Removal of incongruous synthetic siding where original siding exists underneath; 
  • Installation of new doors, door frames, and associated door trim in tertiary areas which are compatible with the original in terms of size, design, configuration, and material; 
  • Installation of accessibility ramps for residential purposes; 
  • Installation of handrails on steps with materials that are not incongruous and for the purpose of life safety; 
  • Installation of residential waterfront docks without lifts or boathouses; 
  • Installation of commercial storefront canvas awnings; and 
  • Lighting fixtures in accordance with guidelines. 
  • Installation of and alterations to Bear Statues

(NOTE:  HPC Administrator, at her/his discretion, may at any time forward a Minor works item to the Commission for its review and/or approval. Also, as a convenience to the applicant, Minor work items may be included in larger applications for Major alterations and approved by Commission.

Amended by the City of New Bern Historic Preservation Commission 6-17-15


 All works listed require a CoA to be issued by the HPC administrator,  (252)639-7583