2015 Draft Ordinance Edits

Land use ordinances address many things.  For instance, what can go where in cities and towns, how far buildings must be set back from property lines and roads, and how much parking is required.  Your input is more valuable than ever in deciding what New Bern will look and feel like as it continues to grow.  Don’t like roadside billboards popping up along your route? That’s land use ordinance.  Want to see more food trucks downtown?  That’s land use ordinance.  Upset about a proposed zoning change in your neighborhood?  That’s land use ordinance. 

The City of New Bern is proposing several updates to its current Land Use Ordinance.  We want your input!  Below is the complete document with all of the suggested changes for your review. Add your comments, ideas and suggestions online and let your voice be heard! Comment online by clicking here


Instructions for adding comments/suggestions to the Draft Ordinance Edits CLICK HERE

Proposed Draft Ordinance Edits


1. Place your cursor in the document &/or highlight the text you would like to comment on.

2. Click the COMMENT button on the top right of the page:

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3. Next click on COMMENT in the drop down menu:

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4. You will then be able to type your comment in the box that opens to the right of the text you selected to comment on:

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5. When you are finished writing your comment, click the comment button under your text.

**Please note that if you have a google account and you are logged in, your comments will be sent with your google account name.  Logout of your google account if you want your comments to be anonymous.

To add comments and/or suggest edits please CLICK HERE 

If you have any further questions on how to add comments or suggestions please Contact Us by email or at 252-639-7581