Weather Insights Can Help Lower Your Bill

The City of New Bern, is proud to present Weather Insights! Weather Insights provides a 7-day weather forecast and an estimate of your energy bill for time period using the local weather and your electrical rate.  This fun and informative application is designed to provide local weather data for New Bern and the surrounding area to help you make informed decisions about your utility use. Weather Insights gives you the ability to see how weather impacts your utility bill while also providing fast and easy ways to help control some costs.

Amounts shown in Weather Insights are calculated using a basic residence.  By clicking below you can create a personalized profile for your home using size, number of residents, type of heating and cooling system, your typical thermostat setting, and more! Additionally, the online thermostat model tool allows you to see how adjusting your thermostat affects your energy cost. 

Interested in learning more? Click the Learn More tab below and get started today!” 

*All results of Weather Insights are approximations and some results may vary.