How to Apply for Service

Applications for new service are accepted at the Utility Business Office located at 606 Fort Totten Drive for existing and newly constructed locations.  In addition, applications may be emailed to  All applications received by  email will be acknowledged and activated within three business days of completion.  A lease or copy of a sale document and a photo ID are required with applications, and a deposit may be required.  A service application is considered complete when all documents and any required deposit have been received by the City of New Bern.  Applicants will be notified by telephone of necessary additional documentation or deposit.

To print or complete an application, click on the appropriate application form below.            
Commercial Application     Residential Application     Load Management Rewards (residential only) 

Water & Sewer Capital Recovery and Connection Fees

If water and/or sewer service is requested for a new location or modifications are required due to the change of property use, then water and sewer Capital Recovery and Connection Fees may be required. 

The Capital Recovery Fees are designed to recover the future capital cost of replacing the water and/or sewer treatment and infrastructure capacity that is being consumed by new users of the system.  The fees are calculated by the City based on projected water and sewer demand of the proposed user. 

The Connection Fees are designed to recover the actual material costs for the City crews physically making the new connection.  The Connection Fees are based on meter/service line size and the proximity to the City's water/sewer mains. 

For questions about the Capital Recovery and Connection Fees or to obtain a quote for these fees, please contact the Public Utilities Customer Relations Assistant at (252)639-7596.  


A deposit is the equivalent of the two highest bills in the last 24 months at the location where service is sought.  Deposits are promptly refunded to residential customers after 18 months of excellent payment history or applied to the final bill when the account closes.  Commerical deposit requirements vary.  For commercial deposit alternatives, see application.  Residential applicant information is submitted to a credit check scoring company to determine if a utility deposit is required.  Residential deposit alternatives include excellent credit references from other utilities and a guarantor program where a current City of New Bern customer with excellent credit may choose to accept responsibility for the new applicant’s bill.  The guarantor must visit the office with the new applicant to accept responsibility at the time of application.