City Budget

FISCAL YEAR 2016-2017 

Budget Message
Summary of Funds
Classification Pay Plan  

General Fund Revenue & Expenses  
General Government

Governing Board
General Administration
Special Appropriations
PEG Channel
Information Technology 

Development Services 


Human Resources
Parks, Recreation & Culture

Parks & Recreation Administration
Parks & Recreation Facilities
Parks & Recreation Parks/Grounds 

Public Works

Public Works Administration
Public Works Insurance
Public Works Garage
Public Works Public Buildings
Public Works Streets
Public Works Leaf & Limb 
Public Works Sanitation

General Fund Miscellaneous

Charges for Shared Services
Interfund Transfers & Transfer Supports

Water Fund

Water Fund Revenue
Water Fund Expenses 
Water Administration
Water Treatment
Water Distribution System Maintenance
Water Debt Service
Water Shared Services
Interfund Transfers & Transfer Supports

Sewer Fund

Sewer Fund Revenue
Sewer Fund Expense
Sewer Collection System Maintenance
Sewer Debt Service
Sewer Shared Services
Interfund Transfers & Transfer Supports

Electric Fund

Electric Fund Revenue
Electric Fund Expenses
Electric Administration
Distribution O&M
Power Supply
Communications Control
Utility Business Office
Electric Debt Service
Interfund Transfers & Transfer Supports


Stormwater Revenue
Stormwater Expenses
Stormwater Maintenance
Stormwater Debt Service
Stormwater Shared Services

Other Funds

Community Development Fund
E911 Fund
Employees' Benefit Insurance Fund
Equitable Sharing US Dept of Justice
Equitable Sharing US Dept of Treasury
Grants Fund
MPO Plan Grant Fund
Municipal Service District Fund
Police Special Revenue
Public-Private Partnerships Fund
Rate Stabilization
Sewer Capital Reserve Fund
Sewer Debt Service Reserve Fund
Water Capital Reserve Fund

FISCAL YEAR 2015-2016

FISCAL YEAR 2014 - 2015