Tax Rates & Assessments

Please note: City Taxes are collected by the Craven County Tax Office located at 226 Pollock Street. You can contact them at (252)636-6604. City property tax payment history prior to July 1, 2013 can be accessed by clicking here.

The tax rate for the City of New Bern is set by the Board of Aldermen.   The current tax rate is $0.46 per $100 in value.  Taxes are due on September 1st of each year with interest accruing on any taxes not collected after January 5th.  The interest rates charged are 2% during the month of January and an additional 0.75% each month thereafter.

The City also assesses a Municipal Service District Tax on property located in the downtown area.  This tax rate is $0.1375 per $100 in value, in addition to the $0.46 per $100 in value rate quoted above.  This additional tax is collected for the on‑going revitalization of Downtown New Bern.

In addition, residents of the City of New Bern are assessed county taxes by Craven County.  The county's current tax rate is $0.5394 per $100 in value.  Real property owners are also charged an annual recycling fee of $36.00.  The elderly and disabled may qualify for a reduction in the recycling fee and should contact the County at (252)636-6604 to determine their eligibility or for more information.

Tax Listing 
All residents within the City limits are required to list personal and real property for taxes.  Property should be listed with the Craven County Tax Listing office. More information on procedures for listing can be obtained by calling the Craven County Tax Office at (252)636-6604.  The property listing period begins on January 1st and runs through January 31st of each year.

Motor Vehicle Taxes 
Motor vehicle taxes for the City of New Bern are paid to the Craven County Tax Collector.  There is an additional fee of $5.00 charged to City taxpayers for vehicles registered in the City of New Bern.  Payments are received at the Craven County Tax Office, 226 Pollock Street, New Bern, NC.  Contact them at (252)636-6605 for accepted methods of payment.

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