Public Education

Public Education

New Bern Fire-Rescue offers a variety of education opportunities for adults, as well as children. The Fire Prevention Bureau offers Fire Extinguisher Classes, as well as a variety of lecture presentations on Fire Life Safety Education. For more information on public education for your organization or place of business, please call (252)639-2931 or email Fire Marshal Danny Hill.

Smoke Alarms:  Installation, Maintenance &

How do I choose a smoke alarm? 
Decide if you need a fire alarm that operates on batteries or electric current. All laboratory-tested smoke alarms will protect you if they are properly installed and maintained.

How many smoke alarms do I need? 
You will need at least one smoke alarm on every floor of your home, including the basement level. New homes require smoke alarms in each sleeping room. On floors without bedrooms, install alarms in or near dens, living rooms, family rooms, and other living areas. If someone in your home is hearing impaired, you can select a smoke alarm that flashes or is equipped with a strobe light.

Where should I install smoke alarms?
Wall-mounted smoke alarms should be positioned 4" - 12" from the ceiling. Ceiling-mounted alarms should be installed at least 4" away from the nearest wall. In a room with a pitched ceiling, mount the alarm at or near the ceiling’s highest point.

Smoke alarm maintenance and testing 
Smoke alarms should be tested, at least once a month, by pushing the “test button."  New batteries should be installed twice a year, or per your manufacturer’s recommendation.  A good habit to develop is to change batteries in the spring when you turn your clock ahead and in the fall when you turn your clock back.