Hydrant Maintenance

The City of New Bern has one of the best water systems in the state, which plays a significant role in New Bern Fire-Rescue receiving a response rating of 3.  Additional information can found on the North Carolina Response Rating Systems by contacting the Department of Insurance. www.ncdoi.com

Fire personnel, along with a full-time Hydrant Crew, perform maintenance and flow tests on approximately 1,100+ hydrants located throughout the city. The Hydrant Crew consists of three personnel who work under both the Water Department and Fire Department.  In addition to maintenance and flow testing, they also have the responsibility of replacing and repairing hydrants. 

Recently New Bern Fire Rescue started the process of tagging all hydrants within the city with brass hydrant tags.  Tags include the zone and hydrant number assigned to each hydrant for ease of identification when maintaining and servicing  hydrants.