Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out when the City of New Bern has job vacancies? 
If you are interested in employment with the City of New Bern, we suggest that you check our ‘Job Board’ at the Human Resources Department, the North Carolina Division of Employment Security, our advertisements in the local newspaper, or our website.

Can employees be reinstated? 
An employee who resigns while in good standing or who is separated due to reduction in work force may be re-employed within one year of the date of separation with the favorable recommendation of the respective department head, Director of Human Resources and the City Manager. If an employee is re-employed within this one-year period, they will be credited with previous service and previously accrued sick leave and will receive benefits as outlined in the city’s Personnel Ordinance. Please note that reinstatement of employment is not a right.

May I transfer my sick leave from a previous job? 
The City Manager has authorized the transfer of unlimited sick leave from a previous government job upon proper documentation from the previous employer.

How long should I wait before I follow up on an employment application?
We ask that applicants wait at least 15 working days before contacting the Human Resources Department. 

How do I apply for employment? 
You can apply for employment by contacting the NC Division of Employment Security and completing a city application. For further details go to Job Application Process.