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    Master Parking Plan Advisory Committee

    This committee was established on August 28, 2017 and consists of twelve (12) appointed members as outlined by resolution.    The committee is charged with reviewing downtown parking matters and making recommendations to the Board of Aldermen regarding solutions to such parking matters, specifically the matters outlined in the resolution.  The Master Parking Plan Advisory Committee will be dissolved on the day following its public presentation to the Board of Aldermen, and in no event later than December 12, 2017.  

    Beginning September 5, 2017, the committee meets every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Development Services' Conference Room at 303 First Street in New Bern.   

    Committee Roster

    Alderman Dallas Blackiston - Chairman
    Alderman E.T. Mitchell
    Alderman Jeffrey Odham
    Mark Stephens, City Manager
    Brenda Blanco, City Clerk
    John Bircher, Swiss Bear President/Chair
    Buddy Bengel, Swiss Bear Appointee
    Kevin Roberts, Chamber of Commerce President
    Danny Batten, Downtown Merchants Council Appointee
    Carolina Smith, TDA Appointee
    Maria Cho, HDRA Government Liaison
    Leanna Tyson, YPG Appointee

    Meeting Minutes
    09/05/17  Backup A Backup B
    09/12/17  Backup A Backup B
    09/19/17  Backup
    09/26/17  Backup
    10/03/17  Backup
    10/09/17  Backup
    10/17/17  Backup
    10/31/17  Backup
    11/07/17  Backup
    11/14/17  Backup

    Click here to view a copy of the Committee's presentation that was made before the Board of Aldermen on November 21, 2017.  A list of the Committee's recommendations is available here