Community Policing Programs

Together we can make a difference.

Coffe_Cop_Carolina_Colors_00717EC.jpgPartnerships between law enforcement and communities offer several benefits.  They help us find solutions to problems involving crime, help develop strategies and programs for keeping the community safe, and increase trust between neighbors and police.  This is the philosophy behind community policing and it's something we believe strongly in at the New Bern Police Department.

Anyone can participate in community policing.  It's not just confined to neighborhoods.  The entire community can participate, including corporate and small businesses, nonprofits, community groups and organizations, and other government agencies.  Think of the impact we could have if we organized ourselves in a meaningful way to solve problems and be proactive about preventing crime.

Coffe_Cop_Carolina_Colors_046AD88.jpgTo promote community policing, we've organized New Bern into community policing districts.  We've essentially divided the city geographically into six zones in which we can focus our crime prevention and policing efforts. Each district is supervised by a New Bern Police Sergeant and Lieutenant.  You can find out which district you're in by clicking here.  And we hope you'll feel free to get to know your Community Policing District Team and contact them with questions or concerns.  

Coffee with a Cop

If your business would like to host a Coffee with a Cop event, please contact our Community Outreach Sergeant Ben Lewis. Sgt. Lewis will put you in contact with the appropriate Community Policing District Sergeant.

Battleground (BGD) District
Gateway GWD) District
Neuse River (NRD) District
Country Club (CCD) District
Greenleaf (GLD) District
Washington Forks(WFD) District