Criminal Investigations - Narcotics/Vice Unit

The New Bern Police Department Narcotics/Vice Unit consists of one Sergeant and four Detectives.  The Unit is responsible for investigating vice and drug violations within the city, participating in undercover operations, and assisting other local, state and federal agencies.

Additionally, these officers provide lectures and training sessions to parents, school officials, and civic organizations in a variety of drug related areas.

The Narcotics/Vice Unit welcomes any citizen and community member that would like to report drug activity occurring in their neighborhood or anywhere in the city.  This Unit has a tip line available to report drug activity in your neighborhood or anywhere in the city of New Bern, just call (252)636-5034.  You don't need to leave your name, but leave us a message. The more information you can provide the easier it becomes for Narcotics/Vice Detectives to begin an investigation.

A major part of fighting the war on drugs is education.  Below, you can learn more about types of drugs common in North Carolina, how to report drug activity, and how to get help for a friend or loved one who may have a substance abuse problem or drug addiction.

Types of Drugs in Eastern North Carolina:The production, distribution, and abuse of illicit drugs and the diversion and abuse of pharmaceuticals pose serious threats to North Carolina. Cocaine represents the principal drug threat to North Carolina followed by marijuana. Methamphetamine is a growing threat to the state. Heroin is available and abused most commonly in urban areas and is rarely available in rural areas. Among other dangerous drugs, OxyContin represents the primary threat.

  • Cocaine

  • Marijuana

  • Methamphetamine

  • Heroin

  • Other Drugs (Oxycontin, MDMA, Prescription Drugs)

How Do I Report Drug Activity to Police:

  • Call the Narcotics Tip Line at (252) 636-5034

  • Call Communications Center (252) 633-2020

  • In Case of Emergency, call 9-1-1

Getting Help (Drug Rehabilitation Programs in New Bern):

  • Assessment and Counseling Services Inc. (252)636-2713

  • Holland Assessment and Treatment Services (252)635-3339

  • Mental Health Center (252)638-7900

  • Neuse Center (252)638-7900

  • Phoenix House (252)638-2615