Animal Control

The New Bern Police Department has an Animal Control Unit that responds to calls for service throughout the City of New Bern.  If you wish to file an animal complaint, please call (252)633-2020 to speak with an Animal Control Officer.  Or, send them an email by completing the fields below.  Please do not use the email for emergency communication. For non-emergency related questions, you can leave a message for the Animal Control Unit at (252)672-4215.

Additional Contact Numbers:

Craven/Pamlico County Animal Shelter - (252)637-4606
To report injured wildlife - (252)638-4646

Change in Policy Regarding the Trapping of Wild Animals in the City of New Bern

The trapping of wild animals in the City of New Bern requires a "depredation permit."  This permit allows for the removal of wild animals that are causing significant property damage in residential areas.  Previously, the permit was issued to the New Bern Police Department's Animal Control Unit.  This is no longer the case due to a conflict in rule 15A NCAC 10B.0106.  The permit is now issued directly to the property owner or lessee, where significant property damage must be demonstrated.  There is no charge for the permit.  Visit for more information on how to obtain a permit.  Please note that the permit is not issued to remove animals just because they are in the area or have been seen during the day. 

City of New Bern's Dog Leash Ordinance

Sec. 6-28.  Definitions.

It shall be unlawful for any person within the city to do any of the following:

Cause, permit, or allow an animal to be away from the premises of the owner, or to be in a public place, or on any public property in the city, unless such animal is under restraint.

Definition of restraint: 

Restraint.  An animal is under restraint within the meaning of this article if it is:

(1)   Controlled by means of a chain, leash or other like device;
(2)   On or within a vehicle being driven or parked; or
(3)   Within a secure enclosure.
(Code 1971, § 4-21; Ord. No. 2002-6, § 2, 1-22-02)


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