Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.        What is my collection day for bulky items and my yard waste?

A.        Please check the route map schedule.

Q.        My garbage/recycling/bulk waste/yard waste was missed. What do I do?

A.        Occasionally someone will be missed.  Contact Republic Services for your garbage at (252)638-1366.  If your recycling was missed, contact Waste Industries at (252)633-2175.  For bulk yard waste, contact the City of New Bern at (252)639-7521. 

Q.        I just moved in to the City of New Bern, how do I start collections?

A.        For residential and commercial accounts contact City of New Bern Public Works at (252)639-7501. 

Q.        Does the city provide leaf collection?

A.        Yes, leaf collection takes place November 1st through the last day of February.  The rest of the year, loose leaves and grass clippings can be bagged.  Also, instead of bagging your yard waste consider composting. 

Q.        Who collects my white goods and bulky items?

A.        The City of New Bern will collect these from the front curb of your residence.  See the guidelines for what can be collected and the route map schedule for your scheduled day.  If you're discarding an appliance, and it's still in good shape, consider donating it to a charity.

Q.        How big can my yard waste be?

A.        Shorter than five feet, and smaller than five inches in diameter.  Yard waste bigger than this will not be collected.  Large yard waste can be taken to any of the Craven County convenience sites or to the Tuscarora Landfill.

Q.        How do I dispose of electronics?

A.        Electronics are banned from North Carolina landfills.  And the City of New Bern no longer collects them for disposal.  Click here for locations for electronics drop off.

For more information on local electronics recycling programs please contact Craven County Solid Waste Department (252)636-6659, or the City of New Bern Public Works Department at (252)639-7501.

Q.        Why won’t the City of New Bern collect treated, painted, and stain wood?

A.        The majority of wood brought into New Bern’s compost yard is ground into mulch, then sold or given out.  The treated, painted, and stained wood contains chemicals that are considered hazardous to human health and to the environment.  The chemicals used to preserve, paint, or stain wood, can be still present in the wood for many years.  These chemicals in the mulch could present a health hazard by contact, or could leach back into the soil.  Some of our mulch is sold as fuel to a wood burning energy plant to be burned to produce electrical power, and the ash from burning treated, painted, or stain wood can release arsenic and other chemicals into the soil from the ash.            

Q.        What can I place in my recycle container?

A.        Click here for Craven County Curbside Collection Program