Stormwater Improvement Projects

Jack Smith Creek Stormwater Wetlands

This project is a unique water quality partnership between the City of New Bern, The NC Ecosystems Enhancement Program, and the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund.  The project involves the construction of a stormwater wetland to capture and treat runoff from a large watershed in New Bern. The wetland is proposed as an environmental initiative by the City, and as a part of the EEP Nutrient Offset Program.  The wetland has the ability to treat runoff from over 1,000 acres of residential and commercial property. The project is unique in both its size and scope, and is the largest stormwater retrofit built to date in NC. The site location and contributing watershed represents a rare chance to intercept stormwater before it gets to the Neuse River, less than one mile away. In addition, the site is in use by NC State University as a wetland research park to evaluate the ability of large scale wetlands to improve water quality.

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Dunn Street Storm Drain Improvements Project

The Dunn Street Stormdrain Improvements Project was designed, administered and funded through the City of New Bern's Stormwater Maintenance Division. The purpose of the project was to improve drainage and to prevent flooding along a section of North Craven Street and Dunn Street. The project consisted of replacing approximately 600 feet of existing 12" failing stormdrain pipe with a new 36" pipe from North Craven Street to the Neuse River. The installation work was contracted to Bear Contracting LLC, from New Bern North Carolina.

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Glenburnie Park Culvert Crossing Improvements

The culvert crossing project at Glenburnie Park was constructed to increase the flow of stormwater runoff, during major storm event.  This project consisted of replacing a single 36" stormdrain pipe with two new 36" stormdrain pipes and relocating an existing watermain that went through the existing pipe. This project was designed, administered and funded by the Stormwater Maintenance Division with the installation contracted out to Bear Contracting, LLC of New Bern North Carolina.

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Trent Village Storm Drain Improvements Project

The Trent Villege Stormdrain Improvements was deisgned, administered and funded by the City of New Bern's Stormwater Maintenance Division to resolve an existing flooding problem within the Trent Villege neighborhood. The project consisted of install new 18", 24" and 36" stormdrain pipe throughout the neighboorhood. The installing work was contracted to James L. Cayton LLC, from New Bern North Carolina.

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Biddle Street Stormwater Pond Improvements Project

One of the first projects completed by the newly formed Stormwater Maintenance Division was the improvements to the Stormwater pond located on Biddle Street, in the Duffyfield neighborhood. City staff reconstructed the stormwater pond and enlarged it to four times it original size. In addition a single 1/2 HP pump was replaced with two 7 HP pump.  100% of the worked was completed by City staff.

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