Stormwater Management Permitting & Manual


In the late 1990's, the North Carolina State Legislature adopted a specific set of rules which target the reduction of nitrogen into the Neuse River Basin from non-point sources, such as runoff from logging and tree farming in the Forestry Industry, runoff from farming operations in the Agricultural Industry and urban stormwater from fifteen governmental entities throughout the Neuse River Basin. The City of New Bern, as one of those entities, was required to implement a program which reduces total nitrogen export by 30 percent, maintains a no net P9060228.JPGincrease of peak flow, and ensures compliance with requirements for protecting and maintaining existing riparian buffers in all new developments which disturb more than one half acre of land. Under the rule, each entity is required to implement public education programs (Neuse Cleanwater Education Partnership,, identify and remove illegal discharges into the stormwater system, identify suitable locations for stormwater retrofit projects for the reduction of nitrogen, and submit an annual report to the state documenting progress and net changes to nitrogen load from within the city’s planning jurisdiction. As a convenience to developers, engineers, and those interested in knowing more about the rule as it applies to the City of New Bern, please go to Neuse Stormwater Management Manual where you will find information concerning treatment requirements under the rule, the city’s stormwater ordinance, and downloadable forms needed in the application for a stormwater permit.

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