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    Palace Point Commons Celebration

    The City of New Bern is hosting a ribbon cutting event celebrating the completion of Palace Point Commons.  The event will take place this Thursday, November 3rd at 9:30 a.m. in a grassy area near the intersection of South Front and Eden streets.  Parallel parking is available along Eden Street and additional parking is available in the adjacent lot on Eden or at the North Carolina History Center.

    This one-tenth mile stretch of roadway and greenway behind Tryon Palace was recently reconstructed to promote tourism and recreation, as well as increase safety for pedestrians and motorists.  The greenway and Riverwalk were widened, adding light poles and park benches.  The roadway was narrowed, repaved, and restriped.  The project adds curb appeal to New Bern’s attractive cityscape, promotes recreation through usage of the city’s popular Riverwalk, encourages tourism with access to Tryon Palace, the North Carolina History Center, locally historic homes, and nearby shops and restaurants, and slows traffic along a popular shortcut into downtown. 

    “Most people remember what South Front Street used to look like through that area,” said Mark Stephens, City Manager.  “There were sharp curves in the roadway.  The traffic lanes were wide and not well-marked.  The sidewalk wasn’t far off of the side of the road. We took all of that into consideration and created a beautiful greenway with nice, wide sidewalks and a street that is safer for motorists and pedestrians.” 

    “This is a project to be proud of,” said Matt Montanye, Public Works Director and manager of the project.  “This collaboration between Tryon Palace, the community, and the City has resulted in a beautiful spot to take in views of the river, downtown, and our historic amenities.”  Given its proximity to the palace, the area was aptly named Palace Point Commons.  The cost of the project totaled $140,000 and was complete in July after the installation of park signs.

    Thursday’s ceremony will include brief remarks by city officials, staff, and representatives of Tryon Palace, followed by a ribbon-cutting celebrating the completion of the project.  The event is rain or shine.

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