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    What's with the Logo?

    A strong brand gives products and services a unique identity. Think of brands like Pepsi (born in New Bern!) or Apple. Just mentioning those two popular brands probably made you think of your favorite beverage or your favorite high-tech gadget.

    Strong brands capitalize on uniqueness and build customer loyalty. With the help of a handful of community partners and a branding consultant, we've been able to uncover New Bern's brand and what makes our area unique. And our goal is to use that brand to help increase residents, businesses, and tourism.

    New_Bern_Bear_w-tag_RGB-min.jpgVisitors say our most distinguishing characteristic is our waterfront. Second, Tryon Palace and New Bern's history. And finally, our bears and other Swiss influences. Visitors to New Bern describe us as a charming, coastal town with a rich history.

    Residents say it's our impactful setting, our friendliness, welcoming attitude, laid back lifestyle, and community spirit that make us unique. People who live here score New Bern significantly higher than the national average as a place to live and visit.

    Economic developers say New Bern's most unique characteristic is its potential for growth, with our encouraging sense of entrepreneurship and business support and our access to water recreation and (nearly) year-round pleasant climate.

    Common themes of inclusiveness and a sense of community became the drivers for our new brand. Lots of things come together in New Bern: two rivers, diverse people, unique amenities, past and present (through our history and modern innovation), tradition and progress, small business and big business, small town charm and a cosmopolitan feel. Only in New Bern can you be surrounded by Mother Nature, yet have access to urban amenities so close to home. Not to mention, we're situated where two rivers come together. Simply put, everything comes together here...that's what makes New Bern unique.

    Maps featuring our branding concept are available at City Hall; right now, you're visiting the city's website, and we've also developed an economic development facebook page; several of our city departments have implemented projects as well - a downtown wayfinding system, community signage, and other materials to help identify New Bern and its unique quality of life.

    For more on New Bern's new brand, click here.  To download New Bern's new community logo, click here.